Se Series Servo Hydraulic
The Clamp
The Injection Unit
The Controller
The Leader in Servo
Hydraulic Performance!
* The lowest in KWH operational efficiency
* Quick response high performance pump
* Heavy Construction
* High speed controller
* User friendly interface
* Full SPC capabilities
* Auxiliary equipment integration
* Heavy duty construction
* Multi pin and toggle bearing area
* Oversized platens
* Central Auto Lube System
* High carbon bushings
* Adjustable long length slide shoe
* Quad tie bar unicast construction
* Rigid platen support
* heavy linear rail system
* Precision fabricated high tolerance sled
* Multiple injection sizes available
* Quick response multi profile staging
* Advanced barrel and screw designs
* Top mounted cylinder
* Easy set-up screens, user friendly
* Extremely fast processing speeds
* Modular driver system
* Closed loop double feedback control
* Proven reliability
* Stable platform
* Configurable I/O's
* Extreme repeatibility
The most modern and up to date
manufacturing techniques.
State of the art assembly and
manufacturing facilities
Closed Loop Control
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