High Efficiency  Two Platen
(1000 - 4000 tons)
The Clamp
The JSe is the latest in technology from a known leader in large injection molding
machine technology.  With a patented direct clamping system and high pressure
transducers maintaining across the platen, deflection is minimized.  Constructed
with over sized platens and high speed platen carriage design, large molds can be
cycled in less time.  The injection unit boasts an aggressive regenerative injection
circuit, advanced TPU/VP transfer system, heightened acceleration and "real time"
pressure monitoring. With closed loop hydraulic feedback coupled with a high
performance injection system, the interface and control from a proven leader in
control technology, the J
Se is a proven performer in large part production.
Pressure is applied
and monitored evenly
across the secondary
pressure platen.   Six
high pressure
cylinders apply
individually monitored
pressure directly
behind the mold.
Closed Loop Servo Driven Control
with redundant accuracy verification.
Heavy Duty
High Performance
Injection System
Low Profile design with
integrated cylinder support
castings. Reinforced hydraulic
manifold system and heavy
carriage support structure,
ensures consistency,  while
delivering an unparalleled
combination of accuracy and
Dual guide rod support
system provides rigidity
to rapid pressure
variations.   Increased
bearing area protects
against wear during
acceleration and
position fluctuation.
3-sided cantilevered roller skates provide
support for heavy over hung loads and
large mold stack heights.
Over-sized Platens
Massive Support
Moving platen can be retracted
to expedite mold changes
. .
Automatic Die Height Adjustment
Welltec North America